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By Michelle Bacarella, MS RDN

VFV – Vital Fruits & Vegetables

30 Single Servings

High Potency Formula

Powerful Detoxifying Ingredients†

*New Users and Children should start with ½ serving per day for the first week to allow the body to gradually acclimate to VitalBody’s nutritionally dense formulation.†

Vital Fruits & Vegetables is a nutrient dense powdered beverage that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family – just add one scoop to 16.9 fl oz. of cold water and shake.  Each refreshing serving is brimming with all the NON-GMO fruits, vegetables and other phytonutrients necessary for amazing health.†


Each serving of Vital Fruits & Vegetables is made from:

  • 1 Pound of Broccoli (4.5 servings of broccoli)
  • 1 Serving of Grapes
  • 4 servings of mixed fruits/veggies from: Lemon, Organic Kale, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, Oranges, Parsley, Acerola Cherries, Spinach, Pumpkin, Squash, Sweet Potato, Cranberries, Wild Blueberries, Strawberries, Acai, Agaricus Bisporus Mushroom, Organic Baobab Fruit, Blackcurrants, Blackberries, Pineapple, Organic Banana, Maitake Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Wild Bilberries, Elderberries, Raspberries, Parsley, Mixed Citrus, Artichoke.

Those 9+ servings of fruits and vegetables provide 22 of the essential vitamins and minerals.

As important as fruits and vegetables are to overall health, a number of clinical studies have found many other phytonutrients play a vital role in preventing disease and providing the energy our busy lifestyles require.†


Whether it is to combat obesity, increase immune health, or prevent a myriad of other negative health conditions, what is the number one piece of advice given by all dietitians and health professionals?  Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.†

While this bit of wisdom seems simple, we all know it is not so easy to follow.

According to the World Health Organization, ‘An estimated 5.2 million deaths worldwide were attributable to inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption in 2013.’   In fact, the WHO recommends consuming more than 400 grams (5+ servings) of fruits and vegetables per day to improve overall health and reduce the risk of disease. 1†

With our increasingly busy lives and snapchat lifestyles, taking the time to prepare healthy meals has fallen by the wayside.  We seem to take more time posting pictures of healthy meals, than actually consuming them.†

It can be quite challenging to ensure that our families are getting the necessary amount of fruits, vegetables and nutrients that are needed every day for optimum health.  The time required to plan, shop and prepare nutrient dense meals often gets replaced by other more demanding chores on our to do lists.†

After twenty years of research, VitalBody’s Vital Fruits & Vegetables VFV was developed by a dietitian and busy mom to provide an easy and delicious opportunity for families to attain those vitally important nutrients.†


Ingredient Profile Overview:


As the consumption of processed food has steadily risen, the intake of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables has equally declined.  It is not only the vitamins and minerals we are processing out of our foods, but the natural enzymes they provide as well.  Enzymes are most often proteins that originate from living cells (plant and animal) that produce chemical changes in organic substances by catalytic action.  Digestion is one of those catalytic actions.†

Raw fruits and vegetables contain enzymes that are activated when you eat them.  Those enzymes help you digest and absorb the nutrients in your foods.  Unfortunately, cooking and processing foods destroys their enzymes, making it more difficult to fully digest and assimilate all of the nutrients provided by those foods.†

Our bodies also produce enzymes to help digest consumed foods, however, many factors in our lives affect the production of enzymes.  Aging, certain medications, health conditions, rushed eating all contribute to the body’s declining enzyme production.†

Eating foods with little or no enzymes and insufficient digestive enzyme production are contributing factors to many digestive disorders.  According to the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disorders, 60 to 70 million people suffer from some type of digestive disorder, leading to nutrient deficiencies and disease. 2†

Supplemental plant enzymes have been found to not only improve digestion, but to also help flush out toxins, increase nutrient absorption, and have some immune boosting and detoxifying effects. 3,4,5†

Vital Fruits & Vegetables contains over 20 plant derived enzymes for optimal digestion, targeting difficult to digest proteins, Gluten and Casein.



Probiotics (good bacteria) are now one of the fastest growing categories in the supplement industry and with good reason.   Numerous peer reviewed studies have clearly shown multiple benefits from probiotic supplementation, from improved immunity to weight loss and beyond.†

Vital Fruits & Vegetables probiotic blend was founded on four decades of pioneering research, resulting in over 200 technical papers published in peer-reviewed journals, eighty focusing on probiotics alone.†

Our probiotic blend was formulated utilizing proprietary manufacturing processes to ensure probiotics of the highest quality, stability and efficacy.†

Vital Fruits & Vegetables probiotic blend not only includes superior strains like L. acidophilus DDS-1 but is also coupled with the incorporation of proprietary cryoprotectant agents and stabilizers specifically designed to protect the organisms and enhance overall stability.†

Vital Fruits & Vegetables Probiotic blend contains 2.5 Billion CFUs per serving from 15 strains of probiotics:

  • Bifidobacterium breve – helps balance carbohydrate levels, improves energy metabolism, supports the production of healthy fats, and supports immune function.†
  • DDS1 Lactobacillus acidophilus – produces enzymes necessary for the digestion of proteins, fats, and lactose (milk sugar); synthesizes vitamin K; supports immune function; enhances calcium metabolism; and helps maintain cholesterol levels already within the normal range.†
  • L. brevis – helps maintain bowel function, supports the functioning of the immune system and helps maintain cholesterol levels already within the normal range.†
  • B. bifidum – produces vitamins B1, B6, B12 and folic acid and amino acids; supports a healthy gut.†
  • L. paracasei – supports immune function, improves gut health and helps maintain cholesterol levels already within the normal range.†
  • Bacillus coagulans – produces digestive enzymes and antioxidants and supports immune function.†
  • L. reuteri – helps maintain gastro-intestinal health, synthesizes vitamin B12 and supports immune function.†
  • B. longum – may aid in the relief of occasional heartburn and help reduce gastro-intestinal distress.†
  • L. bugaricus – produces beta-galctosidase, the enzyme needed to digest lactose (milk sugar); has detoxifying characteristics; and produces lactic acid, which supports gut health.†
  • L. plantarum – produces enzymes necessary for the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins; and produces lactic acid and supports the body’s natural first line of defense.†
  • L. rhamnosus – functions as an antioxidant; stimulates immune function; and aids in the digestion of carbohydrates.†
  • L. salivarius – produces the B vitamins, vitamin K, digestive enzymes, and lactic acid. Helps restore intestinal flora.†
  • B. lactis – helps maintain bowel function and supports the immune system.†
  • S. thermophilus – produces beta-galactosidase, the enzyme needed to digest lactose (milk sugar) and has detoxifying effects; helps restore intestinal flora.†
  • L. casei – has detoxifying effects and supports gut health.†

Vital Fruits & Vegetables also provides 2000 + milligrams of Probiotic promoting, nutrient optimizing Prebiotics



Greens are complete, nutrient dense foods.  A rich source of chlorophyll, greens provide vitamins and minerals and protein — all things necessary to keep the body healthy and primed to support optimum immune function.  6,7,8†

Greens are generally alkaline – they are the most alkaline of all foods.  Raising the body’s pH by consuming alkaline foods is one of the best ways to boost the immune system.  9†

The Vital Fruits & Vegetables proprietary blend of eight greens, grasses and phytonutrients was specifically chosen to gently and safely cleanse the body on a daily basis, while supporting the immune system and the body’s own natural detoxification mechanisms.†


Antioxidants & Phytonutrients†

Decades of research have also supported the addition of antioxidants and botanicals to our daily intake.  Antioxidants are molecules that help stabilize highly reactive free radicals from causing oxidative damage to cells in our bodies.   Free radical damage is often linked to aging and declining health.†

Free radicals are unstable electrons produced by natural mechanisms in the body but also as a result of exposure to environmental factors – pollution, processed foods, disease, medications, smoking, alcohol and other types of stress.†

Antioxidants and other health promoting compounds are most often found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and botanicals.†

Vital Fruits & Vegetables contains antioxidants and phytonutrients from a number of whole foods, spices, herbs and botanicals.

  • Chia Seed – excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, improves satiety, may be used as a part of the diet to maintain healthy blood sugar levels; supports heart health.†
  • Flaxseed – rich in omega 3 fatty acids, high in fiber and supports healthy fat levels.†
  • Aloe Vera – heart healthy, assists in carbohydrate metabolism, improves skin health and supports digestion.
  • Licorice Root – supports the respiratory system, soothes the stomach, stimulates the adrenal gland and enhances bile production.†
  • Parsley Leaf – a rich source of antioxidants, supports kidney function, can act as a diuretic, helps boost metabolism, and improves carbohydrate metabolism.†
  • Ashwagandha Extract – acts as an adaptogen, supports immune function, enhances mood and supports heart health.
  • Curcumin (Turmeric) Root and Extract – potent antioxidant, helps maintain joint health and mobility, has detoxifying effects, improves brain function and protects nerve function.†
  • Cinnamon Extract – contains potent antioxidant compounds, demonstrates a superior ability to normalize carbohydrate metabolism, and improves healthy fat levels.†
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids – potent antioxidant, helps maintain a healthy circulatory system and supports collagen production.†
  • Ginger – aids in digestion, reduces stomach upset, helps maintain joint health and mobility, and helps maintain cholesterol levels already within the normal range.†
  • Cocoa – high in antioxidants, increases blood circulation, supports learning and memory, improves carbohydrate metabolism, promotes healthy fat levels and has mood enhancing effects.†
  • Peppermint Leaf – helps with occasional stomach upset, reduces stomach cramping, reduces nausea, and supports a healthy respiratory system.†
  • Rose Hips – high in vitamin C, supports gastro-intestinal function, improves immune health, and is high in antioxidants.
  • Hops Flower – promotes sleep, high in antioxidant flavanol compounds, supports immune function, supports brain health and may be mood enhancing.†
  • Orange Peel – potent antioxidant, high in vitamin C, supports healthy cardiovascular function, and supports healthy metabolism.†
  • Garlic – helps stabilize healthy fats, supports immune function, high in antioxidants, supports heart health, improves carbohydrate metabolism, and has detoxifying effects.†
  • Cayenne Fruit – helps maintain joint health and mobility, potent antioxidant effects, supports healthy digestion, linked to weight loss and fat reduction and improves circulatory health.†
  • Fennel Seed – supports a healthy digestive system, reduces gas and bloating, supports heart health, high in antioxidants, and supports respiratory function.†
  • Black Pepper Extract – enhances nutrient absorption and utilization, improves digestion, supports fat metabolism, may act as an expectorant and aids immune function.†
  • Bacopa Monnieri Extract – acts as an adaptogenic, supports brain health, may have mood enhancing effects, may improve mental control and memory.†


Vital Fruits & Vegetables provides:†

  • No added Sugars and <1 gm of sugar per serving
  • 40 kcal per serving†
  • 22 Essential Vitamins and Minerals from Non-gmo fruits & vegetables – no chemically synthesized vitamins or minerals
  • No synthetics, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives†
  • Made from over 1 pound of broccoli
  • 8 Detoxifying and Alkalinizing Greens, Grasses and Phytonutrients†
  • Over 20 plant derived Enzymes for optimal Digestion, targeting difficult to digest Proteins, Gluten and Casein†
  • 2.5 Billion CFU per serving from 15 strains of probiotics founded on four decades of pioneering research (at time of manufacture)
  • 2000 + milligrams of Probiotic promoting, nutrient optimizing Prebiotics†
  • 22 Whole Food Antioxidants and Botanicals


Vital Fruits & Vegetables is truly a one of a kind whole food supplement, addressing all of the body’s needs in a delicious and refreshing beverage.   For a product that needs to appeal to children as much as their parents, taste is as important as efficacy.    Luckily, the VitalBody team had plenty of testers available.  From our table to yours, please enjoy!



  3. Metzig, C., et al. Bromelain proteases reduce human platelet aggregation in vitro, adhesion to bovine endothelial cells and thrombus formation in rat vessels. Biochemistry. 1978 Jun 13;17(12):2338-44.
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† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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20 reviews for VFV – Vital Fruits & Vegetables (30 Single Servings)

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  1. Ade (Verified Purchase)

    Great for cereal and smoothies! Easy to pack for travel.

  2. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    It is great and tastes good!

  3. Jason S. (Verified Purchase)

    One of my families favorites!

  4. Evan K. (Verified Purchase)

    Having the flexibility of VFV on the go is so brilliant!

  5. Kristin (Verified Purchase)

    VFV is my absolute fave for feeling great everyday! If I start feeling sick, I double up & quickly get back to normal.

  6. Alyssum R. (Verified Purchase)

  7. Jim Huish (Verified Purchase)

  8. Jessica Frame (Verified Purchase)

  9. Lyndsay O. (Verified Purchase)

    Love this product, so easy to get all these healthy ingredients at once.

  10. Derek O. (Verified Purchase)

  11. Todd (Verified Purchase)

    I throw a serving into my afternoon drink most days.

  12. Ade (Verified Purchase)

  13. Stacy (store manager)

    This is always a great start to my day. Gets me up and moving with a clear mind and body.

  14. Jaquan Carter (Verified Purchase)

    Love the taste. Not tart or sour for a veggie shake. Great product

  15. Todd (Verified Purchase)

    I like this supplement

  16. Anjanette (Verified Purchase)

    Product is terrific!

  17. Anjanette (Verified Purchase)

    Great product with a great flavor

  18. Anjanette (Verified Purchase)

    Love the product! Feel more energy and clarity throughout the day!

  19. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  20. Derek (Verified Purchase)

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