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VitalBody’s CTR [Connective Tissue Repair] was formulated to provide the body with the phyto-nutrients necessary to nourish, rebuild, and strengthen injured or aging Connective Tissue – Cartilage, Ligaments, Tendons, Skin, Bone, Gut Lining, Veins and Arteries.†

Each serving provides:

– 10 grams of nippi Premium Marine Collagen Peptidesǂ to systemically Fortify, Restore and Remodel Connective Tissue (backed by Research, proven Bio-active and Eco-friendly).

– Additional plant-based amino acids Glycine and Proline to enhance the development of Type II Collagen for Maximum Cartilage/Tendon repair.

– 100% Vitamin C from Organic Acerola Cherries.

– Patented Curcumin C3 Complex®++ Extract, supported by 10 clinical studies to facilitate Collagen Synthesis and accelerate Healing.

– Plant-Fermented Enzymes to increase Collagen Bio-Synthesis, Reduce Swelling, Inhibit Pain and Speed the Healing Process.

– 15 Strains of Probiotics for improved Wound Healing and Immune Support.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* Contains: Fish. Those sensitive to shellfish may have a reaction.

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  1. Chad Wright (Verified Purchase)

    Being an old Paratrooper, athlete, and competitive cyclist, this has been a life saver for my old and battered joints.

  2. Grant (Verified Purchase)

    usUnited States

    I have a chronic pain issue and it has improved since starting the CTR.

  3. Daniel (Verified Purchase)

    usArizona, United States

    This has greatly been helping my knee pain and inflammation. I am able to go farther and faster with less pain.

  4. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Love this product!

  5. Karen M. (Verified Purchase)

    usNevada, United States

    Works great on my joints

  6. Peter K. (Verified Purchase)

    usSouth Carolina, United States

    Great taste for a product that typically is tough to consume.

  7. Evan K. (Verified Purchase)

    usArizona, United States

    Enjoying the highest quality nutrition! Thank you.

  8. Lorie Madsen (Verified Purchase)

    usUtah, United States

    Love this stuff!

  9. Karen M. (Verified Purchase)

    usNevada, United States

    great product, needed something to help joints. Haven’t had pain or inflammation for 4 weeks.

  10. Debra Sellier (Verified Purchase)

    usArizona, United States

    My order was sent on time . I can’t wait to see if I notice an difference in my health. I am facing some major dental surgery and was advised my oral surgeon to use these products for optimal healing .

  11. Lorie M. (Verified Purchase)

    usUtah, United States

    Just barely started to use this, so I will leave a comment after I have taken it for awhile

  12. Greg D. (Verified Purchase)

    usCalifornia, United States

    I include this in the same mix with my Vital Fruits & Veggies (VFV) and Define, Build, Repair (DBR).

  13. Michael Sass (Verified Purchase)

    usNevada, United States

    My wife is receiving great relief after using the CTR.

  14. chris (Verified Purchase)

    usUnited States

    I had surgery and have been doing a lot of rehab. It seems to be helping and noticed when I stopped using the CTR my recovery was slower and I had more pain. I will be ordering another 30 day bottle.

  15. Stacy (store manager)

    usUnited States

  16. Michael Sass (Verified Purchase)

    usArizona, United States

    This product has healed my wife’s bleeding ulcerated inner lip.

  17. Jaquan Carter (Verified Purchase)

    usUnited States

    Great product. I can really tell the difference after the first use. Not sluggish getting out the bed and knees don’t ache when playing ball.

  18. Michele M. (Verified Purchase)

    usArizona, United States

    ALL of Vital Body’s products are amazing! No sugar, natural taste great or has no taste at all! I’m especially loving the new CTR, as I get older, and have residual issues from injuries. VFV is also a must in everyone’s day!

  19. Marie (Verified Purchase)

    usIdaho, United States

    Mixes easily into water and like that it has no taste so I can mix it in juice or flavored water

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