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Melissa S.

4 star only because the order was 2-4 weeks, but worth the wait

4 weeks ago
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Great product !

4 months ago
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I had surgery and have been doing a lot of rehab. It seems to be helping and noticed when I stopped using the CTR my recovery was slower and I had more pain. I will be ordering another 30 day bottle.

10 months ago
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I like this supplement

12 months ago
amazon Rating
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In addition to a solid CFU of a good mix of probiotic strains, this supplement adds some enzymes, probiotics, and herbs. It works well, and the price is great for a quality gut health boost!

My doctor recommended that I start taken such/similar probiotic as a precaution. She had no comments on brand but liked different "bugs"; suggested also in addition too to eat yogurt. I started to take them - no ill effects to report. Subjectively think they are beneficial. Recommend

I didn't think my digestion was that bad, but I have no gall bladder so I thought I would take these while I am doing a total body cleanse. I think it has helped speed up my digestion and I certainly have lost that bit of bloat I was used to having.

I started using probiotic products awhile back and so far this one seems to work really well. There is a noticeable improvement with my digestion. I find that taking one in the morning and during the evening I do not have the heartburn effect or full stomach feeling during the evenings. Time will tell more but as of now I have not had any side effects. I especially like that these Vitalbody enzymes help with irregular bowel movements. The cost of this product is competitive with other enzyme products so feel this is a good value for a good quality product.

Wow! I have been searching for a good probiotics to tks rand this one caught my eye. It has 15 strains of probiotics and 10 billion cfu s. For reference culturelle has just 1 and many other brands have 8 or 9. These are great when your probiotics in your gut are out of wack. So getting replacement probiotics to even your system out is needed. This is great. The pills are in good shape.

I don't have a lab to confirm the claims about how many beneficial bacterial strains there are, but my stomach does feel better after a week or so, compared to the old probiotics I was taking, even though these only have half the CFU. The capsules are a slightly darker sandy color, but the same size and shape, i.e. typical size and shape for this sort of thing.

VITALBODY® Complete Digestive Enzymes is outstanding. Featuring reliably-sourced plant-based enzymes including pre/probiotics to gently improve digestion, everyone should try VITALBODY® Complete Digestive Enzymes. The photo shows an open bottle of VITALBODY® Complete Digestive Enzymes with one capsule on display. Notice the high quality of the powder in the capsule (which can be easily broken for a smaller serving, if desired...because no two people are the same!). The bottle has 60 capsules which is a very generous supply. The VITALBODY® Complete Digestive Enzymes is a naturally safe, powerful and effective digestive solution that I can count on. I like that. I highly recommend VITALBODY® Complete Digestive Enzymes to everyone.

So to be clear about this supplement the CFU is extremely low and unlikely to really affect much. The CFU in this is what I've seen in some supplements that are geared for other things and put probiotics in as a "bonus". I think calling this a probiotic supplement is a bit of a stretch. That being said, it's possible this is a Bacillus heavy probiotic, in which case the CFU count is OK, but all the other probiotics in this are pretty much bonuses in that case. This supplement does have a good enzyme blend and a good prebiotic blend. The probiotics are all dairy free which is great, and there is a very small amount of chelated minerals for absorption which is a great bonus. While this is all great I think that the price and amount for what you get is a bit high. I would have given it 4 stars if this was a 60 day amount but at these low dose, for a 30 day dose it is a bit much. I think if you want to do some gut repair there are probably some other supplements out there that are higher dose but if you just have some light digestive issues this may just be the ticket for taking with meals daily. For me I have more serious digestive issues and while it's good to take with meals it's just too light and at 30 days it would go too quickly. I haven't had any issues taking these so far though and again the enzyme and prebiotic blend as well as the chelated minerals is a bit unique.

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Amazing! Not only are the owners the most honest, but they genuinely care about only what's best for you! Even being 25 their fruits and veggies mix has not...

These two products are life changing! I've never lost so much weight on a product that is so tasteful! I'm a hairstylist and have been for 6 years, my...

Based on 3 Reviews

Great products, insightful perspective on health/nutrition, and wonderful people.

AMAZING!! The VFV changed my life! From actually adding most vitamins and supplements i was depriving myself of, to adding a meal i enjoy! I can’t tell you what the best part is but the stuff is a miracle for me! I can feel a fatigue and lethargic difference when i don’t take it. I’m forever in love with this product! Plus the owners are incredibly kind and really care for your needs.


Nancy Falcon


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