VitalBody Professionals Program

We are excited to tell you more about this dynamic program where participation pays off.

Who should sign up?
VitalBody products are a great fit for anyone focused on health, elite fitness, plant based diets, whole food vitamins, amino acid chelated minerals, healthy gut microbiome, digestive wellness, lives a vegetarian lifestyle, or advocates green living. If you advocate healthy living as a personal trainer, gym owner, doctor, masseuse, acupuncturist, chiropractor, physical therapist, health and wellness counselor, coach, athlete, or fitness enthusiast, the VitalBody Professionals Program allows you to earn revenue quickly and easily through your website, social media, direct referrals or clients.

Why sign up?
VitalBody provides multiple benefits: products that make overall health and wellness achievable and a commission based program that increases income. Commissions are earned from all client and referral purchases. Products can simply be purchased for yourself, to resell, or to be directly shipped to your clients through online purchasing.

Some of the benefits our Professional Program provides are:

  • Monthly recurring commissions for repeat client purchases
  • Competitive, tiered commission structure tracked automatically through our proprietary backend software
  • Commission paid monthly
  • Customer’s average order size is $150
  • Free shipping for orders over $150
  • Auto-ship options are available

How does the program work?
VitalBody Professionals earn a minimum of 15% to 20% commission on all sales that are referred to the VitalBody eStore through the use of your Professional Code at the time of purchase. Commissions are paid the first time a customer makes a purchase and on any repeating orders. You must remain an active Professional in order to enjoy the recurring commissions. With an average order size over $150, commissions quickly add up. The VitalBody Professionals Program is managed through our proprietary software at vitalbody.co/professionals. The VitalBody eStore is your online destination for VitalBody products to order for yourself, your business location(s) or to directly ship to your client.

The easy-to-use platform offers:

  • 24-hour access to reporting
  • Client tracking
  • Real-time commission tracking
  • Health and wellness tips
  • Product uses
  • Special events

How do you sign up?
VitalBody Professional Program is offered to professionals who purchase and market our products to others, and desire to advance with us toward the goal of overall health and wellness on a global scale. You must be referred to us in order to join our Professionals Program by/through ?????. VitalBody is not a Multi-Level Marketing company (MLM). A link will be provided to you connecting you to where you can sign up; application are quickly reviewed so you begin earning commissions fast.

Have additional questions?
For more information about our Professionals Program, contact our Program Manager at: professionals@vitalbody.co